Why women, nature and the great outdoors?

Something special happens when a group of women adventure together in the outdoors.  Women support each other through challenges, they grow and learn together and inspire each other.

Women only programs foster a safe and supportive environment where self growth and restoration can occur.   Because women approach outdoor challenges and fear differently to men, in women only groups women are more likely to give an activity a go.  In women only groups women can break down obstacles into manageable tasks alongside the support and encouragement of a female group (women’s wilderness institute, 1998). 

Jen and Rachael of Flow outdoors have experienced the support and willingness to try new things in their personal adventures with women as well as having witnessed and provided support to women on programs they have run.

“As women share their life stories around the campfire and support each other when things become difficult, there is a sense of compassion between participants. This empathy then transcends into the everyday lives of these women as they begin to have more appreciation for each other.” Massa 2015

Flow Outdoors’ offers trauma-informed experiences in the outdoors that include mindfulness, movement, body awareness, and adventures in the natural world. Through adventurous experiences with others in the outdoors, women learn to trust themselves, build their self-belief, have experiences of mastery, and are more confident to make safe decisions for themselves and their families.