“Together women can be both stronger and more gentle, brave and kind, and support each other on their life’s Journeys”

– Rachael Millsom

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Bush Adventure Therapy

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Step outside the ordinary, come and meet yourself in and as part of the natural world.

Held in a safe space and community come on a journey with us at Flow Outdoors.  Together in small groups we will connect, move and explore, whilst rafting down a river, walking in the mountains, or connecting to local natural places.


Re-introduced myself to the power of nature at the retreat and then rediscovered a part of my own strength and resilience


Rachael is a thoughtful, skillful facilitator and made me feel safe and confident to explore my emotional landscape in nature. My passion for nature, walking and adventures has been ignited. I feel invigorated


The journey was a truly nurturing and uplifting experience. I felt the opportunities for stillness reflection and connection with nature allowed some healing and inner shifts to take place.


Upcoming events

Women’s Yarra River Raft Day

We welcome you to a full day of rafting a new section of the Yarra River. Date: Sunday 9th October 2022. Time: 9am-4.30pm. Location: Wittons Reserve to Jumping Creek. Cost: $150/$200 Full supporter rate (Includes Lunch and Snacks)

Women’s Yarra River Raft Day

We are excited to let you know that our next Women's Yarra River Raft Day will be held on Wednesday 11th of August. For more details please visit the event pageHere