Donations and Philanthropy

Flow Outdoors has a vision to provide Therapeutic Outdoor programs for all women who would like them. Food, equipment, park fees and wages for skilled staff mean our programs are priced at levels that many women are unable to afford.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to Flow Outdoors vision to providing programs for all women.

1. Make a donation.
Donations will go to supporting Flow outdoors community programs and to allow women experiencing financial hardship to attend our public programs.


2. Pay a higher rate for the trips you attend.
Flow outdoors programs have three levels of payment for each of our programs: Program, Supporter, and Sponsored.  When you pay the supporter rate you are supporting someone who can not afford to pay our standard rate.  Women need to apply for sponsored places on our programs and places are offered based on financial hardship and readiness. Women nominate what they can pay to attend and tell us why they want to attend and how they hope it will benefit them.

3. Sponsorship and philanthropy.
Sponsor a single woman to attend a program or a series of programs. Ask us about contributing funds so that Flow Outdoors can run a series of events for a group of women linked to a community group or organisation including women’s refuges and housing organisations.