Mitchell River 4 day rafting

Mitchell River – 4 day journey white water rafting (Spring, Summer and Autumn)

Enjoy rafting on this incredibly scenic river – surrounded by the southern most temperate rainforest. Visit an indiginous site, raft down exciting grade 3 rapids and camp on the river bank under the stars.  Learn new skills, be part of a small rating community for three days, experience the flow of being on a river, working with the currents, allowing the river to take you on a journey.

    Location: Mitchell River, Angusvale to Glenalendale Bridge

    Challenge Level: Good sense of adventure and fitness
    Duration: 4 days – 3 nights
    Bring: See packing list

    What’s included:

    • Guides
    • Paddling equipment, rafts, Life jackets, paddles, wetsuits and coats
    • Nutritious food, snacks, tea and coffee
    • Gear Hire: Tents, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, rain gear
    • Reflection time
    • Visit a sacred indigenous women’s site

    Dates: TBC
    Price: $1450
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    Day 1.
    Meet at Angusvale in the Mitchell River National Park at the foothills of the Victorian high country. From there we will organise gear, deliver a safety and skills session and start paddling down the magnificent Mitchell river. On the first day you will find your rhythm paddling gentle moving water and a few bouncy wave trains. We will camp on a grassy flat by the river. On the first night enjoy a fire, music and incredible stars.


    Day 2.
    We will wake up to watch the mist rising over the water through the valley. You will encounter two of the biggest rapids on the second day being Slalom and Amputhetre rapid. Enjoy a day of fun rapids and incredible scenery. We will camp at a place called Big Eddy which has a beautiful grassy flat for camping with a view up to the magnificent cliffs surrounding the river. We can enjoy a campfire, reflection time, stretching, music and stars.

    Day 3.
    We will visit a indiginous site called the Den of Nargen.  This is a sacred womens site and such a beautiful place to visit and reflect. There will be time to explore this incredible gorge and historical site before rafting once again down the Mitchell River to camp on the river bank in a secluded and stunning location. Enjoy a nutritious meal by the fire, guitar and a cup of tea.

    Day 4.
    The rapids through this section are fun grade 2+ rapids with incredible rainforest on either side of the river. To finish the day we have one of the most exciting rapids on the river called the Final Fling. We finish the journey at Glenaladale Bridge.

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