Payment options

Flow Outdoors acknowledges that not everyone has the same access to funds that allow access to the kinds of outdoor experiences that we feel would be great if every person had access to.

The benefits of adventure, nature and connection with others is something we feel should be accessible to everyone, as such we have a number of payment options to allow for this.

Our programs are not cheap to run, we have skilled staff to pay, equipment to hire, purchase and maintain, skills and qualifications of upkeep, park and other fees to pay.

With this in mind we hope to be able to to introduce the following pricing structure in the future, if you would like to sponsor some women or support us to offer discounted places for women please get in touch.

1. Supporter price.
When you pay this price you are paying the full price of what it costs for us to run a program for you within the group context, as well as supporting someone else to attend who may otherwise not be able to come along.  If you are interested in supporting us further you can also donate to us.


2. Program price.
When you pay this amount you are paying the full price of what it costs us to run a program with you in it in the group context. If you are unable to pay upfront in full we are happy to arrange payment through installments.

3. Sponsorship price.
There is no specific price for this option as we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. These are not free places, which are available through our community funded programs only. To receive a sponsorship place on one of our programs we ask that you apply. Places available will depend on demand and the amount of funds that we have available to pay for these places.  Places will be awarded based on financial hardship and readiness. You nominate what you can pay within the range, why you would like to attend and what you hope to get out of it (we collect this later information from everyone as they book in).