Our Approach

‘Flow Outdoors’ is a strength-based Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) service designed in response to a need for relational, somatic, nature-based therapeutic programs for women

The ‘Flow Outdoors’ approach is guided by the following principles:

Safety – Physical and psychological safety, as well as cultivating a sense of safety within oneself.


Deep listening – to self, others, our bodies and nature.


Exploration – stepping outside of day-to-day routines allows for a fresh look at one’s situation, self and position in the world. Flow Outdoors will facilitate this through connecting with the body, through reflection time and through experiences which are experiential, playful and nature based.

Belief in personal skills, knowledge and resources – we operate from a belief that people we work with are the experts about their own lives and situations. We aim to provide a context for participants to access and develop their inner wisdom and internal resources.

Therapeutic Frame/ Intentionality – activities and events are intentional; we work towards the therapeutic goals of individuals, groups and the program.

Connection – Creating experiences of community and connectedness, with self, others and the natural world.

Connection with nature – Nature is both the setting and the co-therapist within the experience for the women; nature forms a large part of the therapeutic frame through which we work.


These principles, combined with professional Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) frameworks and practices provide opportunities for participants to grow in confidence, and feel connected and empowered.

From these nature-based adventure experiences, there is a flow-on effect into creating stronger families and communities, for example as women find safety, resilience and strength in themselves and with others, they bring this to their families and . As they tap into their resilience and strength, they bring resilience and strength to their families.

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